About ORIP

Organization for Research Initiative and Promotion was established on the 1st of April 2018 aim to further improve the research capabilities of our university, by strengthening the functions of the research environment for effective and creative execution of research activities from each basic research to practical application research conducted by researchers at Tottori University, and at the same time return the benefi t of research results to society.

The Institute conducts the following operations in order to achieve the above objectives.

  • Operations related to investigations and analyses concerning academic research potential in our university, planning and designing on the medium & long-term research strategies and the implementation of research base facilities.
  • Operations related to cultivating research seeds such as original research, germinating basic research, and combined research by intra-college collaboration as well as the promotion of research projects.
  • Operations related to support for application processes concerning the acquisition of external research funds.
  • Operations related to the promotion of research alliance among industry, government and academia, the creation and utilization of the intellectual properties.
  • Operations related to the safety management in the research activities by using the open research equipments.
  • Operations related to the training program of analytical techniques for experiments as well as requests for instrumental analysis.
  • Operations related to satellite offices installed in Tokyo and Osaka.

【Research Strategy Division】

Task Force for Research Strategy in the Research Strategy Division plans research strategies aimed for the development of research seeds which produce the next feature and strength of our university. Based on these research strategies, this strategy supports the research activities in the organizational research projects produced excellent researches at our university as core. It also maintains the open experiment and analysis equipments of our university and conducts program of analytical techniques for experiments. Office for Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration advances implementable research seeds inside our university, and produces practical research alliance among industry and academia. It also supports acquisition and utilization of the intellectual property resources.

【Research Center for Sustainable Science (Tottori campus)】【Advanced Medicine & Translational Research Center (Yonago campus)】

These research centers are put as “Research platform”into the Tottori and Yonago campus respectively, with the aim of cultivation of a future feature and strength of academic research in our university. In the centers, the research projects for the purpose of an advancement and implementation of research seeds in two campus are promoted under the research management system by Task Force for Research Strategy.

【Research Initiative Center】

This center maintains experimental open facilities in our university, supports the high-quality experiments and analyses in the fields of life sciences, environmental science, material science, etc. It also conducts the safety management guidance and the technology training for the experiments, in our university as well as other educational and research institutes in Tottori Prefecture through “the Tottori Innovation Facility Network” established in September 2015.

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