About Organization for Research Initiative and Promotion(ORIP)

Organization for Research Initiative and Promotion, established on the 1st of April 2018, aims to further improve the research capabilities of our university by strengthening the functions of the research environment for the effective and creative execution of individual research activities from basic research to practical application research conducted by researchers at Tottori University, and at the same time to return the benefit of research results to society.

Currently, it is composed of 5 departments, and in order to achieve the above objectives, we will carry out the following tasks.

Operations related to the investigations and analyses concerning academic research in our university, planning, and designing of the medium & long-term research strategies and the implementation of research facilities.

Operations related to developing the research seeds of original research, exploratory basic research, and fusion research implemented by intra-college collaboration as well as the promotion of research projects.

Operations related to the investigation, planning, internal and external surveys, and support related to obtaining external research funds.

Operations related to the promotion of research alliance among industry, government, and academia, the creation of the intellectual property as well as acquisition and utilization of intellectual property rights.

Operations related to the utilization of university-wide shared research equipment and the safety management in the research activities.

Operations related to the education and training of experimental analysis techniques, technology services, and analysis request.

Research and development of unused biological resources, organization of their research system, and their social implementation.

【Research Strategy Headquarters】

We strive to formulate research strategies aimed at fostering our unique and outstanding research seeds and reinforce the support for research implementation such as support for application of competitive research funds. We also maintain our common experimental and analytical equipment and provide safety training.

At the same time, we strive to produce the industry-academia collaborative research aiming to enhance our research seeds and to foster them for the social implementation as well as help to acquire and maintain intellectual property rights.

【Research Center for Sustainable Science】

This center is a fusion research platform that fosters creative, exploratory and fundamental research in Tottori and Hamasaka areas. By fostering research seeds through collaboration between internal organizations of the university and promoting strategic research projects, we aim to develop those research seeds to become advanced collaborative research towards social contribution.

【Advanced Medicine & Translational Research Center】

With the mission of “contributing to the health and welfare of people and to the future of medical care”, at this Center we strive to seamlessly provide research management support for our research and development from discovery of medical technology seeds through translational research, clinical research and practical application by combining the best technologies within Tottori University. We also strive to promote support for obtaining external funding, business matching and development of R&D human resources.

【Research Initiative Center】

To support a high-quality research environment in experiments and analysis of the fields of life science, environmental science, material science of our university, the Research Initiative Center maintains research equipments and others, provides analytical support with our expertise, and also provides safety management guidance and technical training not only at our university but also at educational and research institutes in Tottori Prefecture through the “Tottori Innovation Facility Network,” which was launched in September 2015.

【Research Center for Utilization of Unused Biological Resources】

This center is a cross-industry-academia-government organization specialized in research and development utilizing natural unused biological resources e.g., discarded parts of local fish, shellfish, algae, etc., not suitable for food as raw materials by integrating the university’s research achievements of these resources and its own technologies. We promote the discovery of potential local needs and seeds, conduct research with social implementation in mind, and promote educational activities for students with hands-on experience.

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